The Email That Almost Ruined Me

email symbol on row of colourful envelopesIt’s been 5 years since the worst day of my life….I think it’s about time I tell this story once and for all and get it out the way. I am in no way shape or form trying to bash anyone, just simply telling my side of the story and to let this be a warning for any young woman out there that may be deciding to make the same mistake I made. The crazy thing about the internet is, once something is on there, it’s there forever, and ever, even after you’re dead and gone…..listen to my story and take it as a learning lesson.

Before you make life changing decisions, THINK, you never know where you’ll be in 5 years. -Sheneka Adams

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Death To The Video Girl….

tumblr_m29lwyUiUV1qjpib8o1_500*This blog is based on my personal experience and my opinions. It’s an educational blog written to share my experiences from being an urban model*
I get asked by women almost every day about how they can get started in the urban modeling world and what tips I have for them. If you REALLY want my honest opinion I say it’s a waste of time and you’re better off working a 9 to 5 getting an actual check for being at work all day than to be on a set all day getting nothing. But in reality I can’t tell someone not to pursue whatever dreams and goals they may have. I’m not one to crush any ones hopes and dreams so I give them whatever advice and tips I have based off my experience from being in the game for several years.

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Skin Bleaching, The Deep Rooted Issue

1320222971_271827755_1-SKIN-LIGHTENING-CREAM-ParktownThe topic of skin whitening has become the main topic of discussion in the global black community. I’ve been doing some research and lately the skin lighting issue has been in the media heavy lately. I honestly don’t know where to start, being that this issue has so MANY underlying issues. It’s all one big giant bubble of problems if you ask me. Now I personally don’t agree with any skin lighting creams or procedures, only because I am happy with the way God made me and I am not interested in altering myself in any way, but just because I am content with myself doesn’t mean a lot of insecure young women out there are. I do see this skin lighting craze as a problem, but with every problem there is also a solution. I am here to discuss both sides and the comment section will be open to any other discussions as well.

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Don’t You Wish You Could Take Your Pussy Back?


Do you ever look back on your life and wish you can take your pussy back? Sorry to be so vulgar but seriously ladies, don’t you wish there was this one guy, or maybe guys you wish you never had relations with? We see it in the media all the time about ex boyfriends and lovers coming out the wood works claiming they had relations with celebs, wanting to release pictures, videos anything to get their 15 minutes. Ciara is dealing with it right now. Some guy she dated in high school, HIGH SCHOOL, posted an old photo of them on his instagram page to make himself look cool. Well dude didn’t realize that he looked like a serious thirsty clown by doing that. If your only claim to fame is that you had sex with someone especially in high school, your life must really suck. Celebs aren’t the only people who deal with this foolery, regular everyday women and MEN (fellas y’all too) deal with this as well. That one guy/girl whose claim to fame is that they slept with you. An ex who just won’t go away. A disgruntled lover who want’s to make your life a living hell because they have nothing better to do with their life but to try to make yours miserable. Well guess what, *cue’s Michael Jackson* “You are not alone”, I’m in the same boat with y’all.

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Low Self Esteem, I Deal With It Too, You’re Not Alone


You Are Not ALONE

To all the women out there that deal with low self-esteem and insecurities, you’re not alone. I too deal with the same thing from time to time. Sometimes when I see other beautiful women, I start to feel ugly and my mind starts racing about all the plastic surgery I’m going to get to make myself beautiful like them. After I realize that my thoughts are crazy I come back to the reality that I have loving family and friends who will accept me if I was bald, weighed 500 pounds with no legs. At the end of the day that’s all that matters. Continue reading

You Are Not In Love, You Just Love What He Represents

not-in-love-wedding-marriage-womenYou are not in love. Let me repeat, you are not in love. I am saying this multiple times because some of you need to finally acknowledge your situations for what they really are.  Far too long many women have carried on with a relationship that shouldn’t be. You used “love” as your validation but things are not what you have presented them to be and you know it. Your agenda and/or your fears will not allow you to be real with yourself, your man, or the friends/family involved. I understand you “love” the guy as in you do care about him. Hey I love/care about everybody but I know very well that the deeper connection needed to sustain a healthy romantic relationship will not exist with everybody I “love”. So how about you confess what this is really about. Let the world know what is really motivating you to be in this relationship. Continue reading