Shatter The Silence…


As many of you know that have been reading my blog over the years, I am very open and honest about myself and my life. I used to see a therapist and she told me that I communicate better through writing than talking. The reason I started this blog is to help heal myself, and to possibly help anyone else that’s been through terrible things in the lives. Continue reading “Shatter The Silence…”

This Expensive Russian Academy Teaches You How To Marry A Very Rich Man


At a training school in Moscow, rows of serious blonde girls take careful notes. Paying thousands of dollars a week, these young women are here to learn from the best in the business; a forty-something-year-old redhead with a psychology degree and an MBA. Their timetables list ‘business theory’, ‘research’ and ‘principles’ classes; a full schedule of lessons to ensure they are employable in their chosen occupation.

These women attend Oliona’s Training School, one of the many academies in Moscow where young Russian ladies learn the precise tactics of being a successful ‘gold digger,’ an up-and-coming lifestyle for many of Russia’s most beautiful women.

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Getting Over A Breakup…Hurts Like Hell.

corazon_roto2I’ve been asked to write this blog so I am finally doing it. Many women email me and ask me how they can get over their break up with someone the easy way, and sadly I am here to tell you, THERE IS NO EASY WAY! Everyone goes through things differently in life so I can’t tell you how to handle certain situations, you have to decide how to cope.

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Top 10 Sex Positions That Are Fat-Burning Exercises


Lack of space and privacy means getting naughty in a closet or staircase.  But doing it standing has several fitness benefits for different muscle groups. This sexual position builds your core muscles and improves your leg muscles too. The girl can flex her muscles and improve arm strength as she latches onto the man. This exercise needs a lot of stamina.

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How to Lighten Your Dark Inner Thighs Naturally

feat-dark-inner-thighsDark skin on the inner thighs is an embarrassing issue for both men and women. This problem even affects people who have fair skin.

Obese people are more prone to having dark inner thighs than others because their thighs tend to rub against each other as they walk or exercise.

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How to Get Rid of Vaginal Odor


I get DM’d this question a lot of my beauty page, (FOLLOW ME HERE) and as I’ve stated before no question is too dumb or embarrassing especially when you are dealing with your health. I am no expert on this topic but here are some tips I’ve found as well as my personal tips that I use. Hope this helps!

Vaginal odor is a very common problem that most women have to deal with at least once or twice in their life.

Vaginal odor can be due to a number of reasons, such as bacterial growth, yeast infections, poor hygiene, hormonal changes, and sexually transmitted diseases.

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